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At A.C.T. we are well accustomed to supporting our clients with a 360 degree approach, both within their private and business spheres. Our approach is holistic and all-encompassing and, as such, we can assist with the management of families’ business affairs as well as private matters. Our professionals are reliable, discreet, efficient and attentive to the minutest of details. We mould our service offering around your idiosyncratic needs, and those of your family, creating the perfect fit for your requirements, and, effectively, removing your day-to-day worry, stress and concerns. Below is a brief summary of some of the services we offer within this category:


· Relocation and change of residence assisting with immigration documents, citizenship matters, accommodation, financial and fiscal considerations, as well as more practical matters such as schools, recruitment of household staff and general orientation

·     Asset management

·     Assistance with household management matters




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