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In our global and increasingly interconnected economy, private investors benefit, like never before, from a vast pool of exciting new opportunities leading to the exponential and unprecedented growth in a relatively short time. Our markets may be certainly lucrative for who can spot the right opportunity at the right time, but they are also more and more volatile and at times deceptive. Higher and quicker returns often mean hidden and heightened risks. At A.C.T. we have decades of experience in advising our clients on sound investments of various kinds. We run an appropriate due diligence, evaluations and forensic reporting on opportunities that may already have been identified. We can also advise on the most efficient way to structure said investments, once acquired, as well as to assist with ongoing statutory obligations and reporting, and, when suitable, reinvestment and consolidation.  


On a slightly different, albeit still correlated note, A.C.T. can also provide complete and detailed statements of assets to individuals and their families who want to take stock of their wealth at specific turning points in their lives. 


For those clients who have a growing business, we are also able to assist with specific company evaluations necessary for M&A and/or public listing transactions.




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