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Spotlight: Maven 11 Capital: Global Blockchain and Digital asset Investment Firm

Maven 11 Capital was founded in 2015 and has had a venture investment approach since 2017. It was founded by a diverse set of serial entrepreneurs, investors, and blockchain builders who partner with those who are keen to solve most exciting problems and make the necessary shift towards decentralised tomorrow.

Maven 11 has extensive experience and a notable track record in all three core components, which are industry, technology and investing principles. As well as, unparalleled access to global deal flow spotting and acting on opportunities before they go mainstream. The company is a pioneer investment firm focused exclusively on the blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Within the next years blockchain technology will have a breathtaking impact and an established, responsibly managed focal role in the global economy. Networks and protocols will ultimately lead to the formation of the next Internet era: Web 3.0, the Internet of Value, decentralised finance infrastructure and tokenisation of every possible current and future asset on earth, so it’s time to hop onto the bandwagon. We are proud of their hard work & innovation and wish them continued success in their endeavours.


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