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Hague Convention signed

Updated: Feb 2

The UK government announced today that the appeal to businesses as a centre for dispute resolution will receive a significant boost with the signing of the 2019 Hague Convention on private international law. Justice Minister Lord Bellamy signed the treaty in the Netherlands this week, establishing an international framework of rules for the recognition and enforcement of judgments in cross-border civil disputes.

Presently, the convention has 29 contracting parties, including EU member states and Ukraine, with Uruguay set to join in October this year. Although the US has signed the convention, it has not yet ratified it. The government highlighted that the convention's potential global impact extends through the 91 members of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH).

In a statement, Lord Bellamy emphasized that joining the convention is a significant stride in advancing the UK's position within private international law. He noted that this move enhances the UK's appeal to businesses as a preferred centre for dispute resolution. He expressed confidence that mutual recognition of judgments will particularly benefit businesses and individuals operating between the UK and other countries.

The Law Society has endorsed the UK's accession to the convention, emphasizing the importance of ongoing discussions regarding joining the Lugano Convention on jurisdiction. The UK's membership in the Lugano Convention lapsed with Brexit, and these discussions are deemed crucial for continued collaboration in this legal framework.


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